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Specializing in commercial video production, McQuinn Media serves the Maritimes and beyond. Media production is about more than just video services. It’s an immersive story-telling process that allows you to subject your audience to the emotion and appeal of every shot.

With Hollywood style video…

  • Get Noticed
  • Generate Leads
  • Automate Sales Processes
  • Establish Recognition
  • Strengthen Relationships

…and so much more.

Let us tell your story.

Our Services

A high-level overview of the services we offer.

Video Production

McQuinn Media offers video services in Fredericton, and across the Atlantic provinces and beyond. From TV commercials and promotions to corporate training videos. we have everything you need, and then some.

Drone Videography

With our 4K drone, we’re licensed and insured to fly where you want us. Our drone videographers will capture unique angles with careful precision.


Establish your name through custom branding. Providing consistency in your marketing materials is the key to creating brand recognition. From logo design and animation to creating a jingle your customers will have stuck in their head, we’ve got you covered.

Web Design & UX

Ready to upgrade to a website that works for your business. In the new economy, having a website isn’t good enough anymore. The way Google sees your website has changed. The way your customers look at your website has changed. We’ll work with you to build a website that is optimized for SEO and puts the user experience (UX), first.

Voice Narration

Just say the word. Actually, we will. All of them.

Keep It Reel

Inspired by decades of film production, we take our work seriously. With that said, our culture is built on producing Hollywood-like videos that make our clients, actors and team feel like stars! From the first take to the final cut, our creative passion drives everything we do.

Paying It Forward

Each year, more than 10% of our profit is donated to both local and global causes. We believe it’s important to provide support and care for our planet and those who inhabit it. It’s our belief that corporations must contribute to more than just a better a economy, but a better Earth.

Oh, Canada

Established on the East Coast of Canada, McQuinn Media proudly calls New Brunswick home. We’re big fans of promoting tourism, growing local businesses, and exporters who are contributing to a stronger Canadian economy for us all. We travel the Maritimes and beyond to produce your videos.

Our Recent Work