6 Tips on How To Make Competitive Social Media Videos 1

Have you ever wondered how companies similar to yours get such good engagement on their social media videos? Here are 6 tips on how to make competitive social media videos. While it’s not incredibly complicated, there are a few things you need to consider if you want your videos to be more successful on social media. There are tons of videos uploaded every day by brands trying to get the attention of the same people you want to be looking at you. Going the extra mile to make your video pop will make a big difference in your engagement.

6 Tips on How To Make Competitive Social Media Videos 2

Start With Why – Understand Who You Are Targeting

We’ve all heard it over and over, but the value of knowing your target audience cannot be understated. When you know who you’re talking to and what you want to say, you’ll find it pretty easy to share your message in a way that resonates with your ideal viewer. If you don’t have a particular audience in mind, your videos might turn into a rant, and your message may be lost. It’s worth taking the time to figure out who you want to connect with in your videos.

6 Tips on How To Make Competitive Social Media Videos 3

The Importance of Great Lighting

There is a world of difference the impacts a poorly lit video, and a well-lit video make. Even though we can adjust the brightness of our mobile phones, a poorly lit video will still come across as poor quality. Your audience has a short attention span. People scroll past poorly lit videos in favour of ones that have better lighting. Bright lights draw our eyes, so don’t shy away from making your videos dazzle. It’s not over the top to change the filming location last minute if it’s looking dim in the camera. It’s also reasonable to consider getting professional lighting, especially if making regular videos is part of your marketing plan.

6 Tips on How To Make Competitive Social Media Videos 4

Listen Up! Sound Quality Matters

Excellent audio quality enriches the content you are publishing. Test and retest to make sure your sound is not only clear but that you don’t run into “clipping.” Clipping happens when there’s a spike in volume, and it can be hard to control. Nothing says a video was put together quickly like audio that clips and distorts intermittently. The best thing for you to do is run a little audio test before you hit the record button. If you’re filming on a phone and can’t preview your sound levels, record a short test video. Have the speaker rehearse a sentence or two, asking them to try to speak as loud and quiet as they might naturally talk. Listen for any buzzing sounds or moments that are too loud or too quiet. Make adjustments in proximity, or, if you can, adjust the microphone level.

6 Tips on How To Make Competitive Social Media Videos 5

Strategic Content Creation – Plan For The Platform

Different social media platforms affect how your content is displayed and viewed. Statistically, people are inclined to turn their phones sideways when watching videos on the go. Instagram and Tiktok do not offer landscape video formats, so if your target is a younger audience, you’ll see increased engagement by filming with your phone or camera in a vertical orientation. Again, it’s important to consider who your audience is so you can work backwards to determine where your videos will be most effective for engagement.

6 Tips on How To Make Competitive Social Media Videos 6

Captions Convert – Here’s What You Need To Know

Only about 20% of people watching videos on their phones watch with sound. Since most of us watch videos without audio, captioned videos are the new standard. Captions do grab our attention, even if the sound is on, so it’s never a waste to make them. Captions uploaded correctly will actually help your SEO rankings too (we’ll cover more on this in the future). It might be tempting to upload your video as soon as you create it, but take the time to caption what’s being said. Make your captions big enough to read on a small screen, and short enough that they don’t overwhelm the viewer. It can be tedious work, but it’s absolutely worth it. Remember, 80% of people who see your video in their feed need it to be captioned, or they will probably have to keep on scrolling.

6 Tips on How To Make Competitive Social Media Videos 7

Be Authentic; Keep It Real

One of the most crucial elements of a great social media video is the capacity to grip the audience through real, natural content. Authenticity trumps professional video, almost every time; especially on the internet. We’re more likely to connect and relate to people who are being genuine, making the occasional mistake and just providing raw value to the viewers. Videos you create for social media will have a different appearance than a video meant for more traditional media outlets such as TV and online advertising.

Summary | TL;DR

Know your audience, stick to your message (then caption it!), and make sure you have excellent lighting and audio for your viewers. Most of all, be genuine. Keep all this in mind, and you’ll be creating content that will be engaging for your audience and ultimately increase your ROI.