How To Make A Company Video 1

Company videos are a hot topic – and for good reason.

We simplified the creative process on how to make a company video easier to understand.

In an information-rich world where we are constantly bombarded with new content, videos provide short, valuable, thought-provoking emotional snippets that capture our attention and trigger certain reactions.

Using those emotional reactions to your advantage is what makes a company video so valuable.

So how do you get started in making a company video? How much should you budget? Should you make it yourself?

Here are five steps to making a corporate video that strategically drives engagement.

 1. Determine Your Budget

In creating a company video, you hope to drive customer traffic and subsequently sales, but how do you know if you are allocating the right amount of money to this dream production?

The best way to estimate your ROI is to consider the liftime value of a new customer.

Video makes a lasting first impression, so you should start with considering the lifetime value (LTV) a new customer brings to your business.

According to Hubspot using video on your landing page can increase your conversion rates by 86%. Imagine the power of converting 86% more visitors on your website and turning them into leads.

This is the power of leveraging corporate video.


2. Launch Date

As the old adage goes, time is money. Spreading a project over time doesn’t necessarily make it more effective and may cause it to drag on unnecessarily. In the mean-time, customer tastes and preferences and the business climate can change.

It’s important to get content out sooner rather than later as more and more of your competitors are promoting themselves with video.

The opportunity cost of a struggling conversion rate alone is substantial.

Statistically, it is more valuable to your business to prioritize your first company video and develop a larger campaign strategy down the road.

3. People, Places and Products.

The content of your corporate video will largely dictate its success, a simple exterior and interior mash-up isn’t going to cut it in today’s market.

We consume so much content in one day that there is no room for useless information.

Determine the customer-facing people, places and products that drive your business every day.

When a new prospect visits your website, this is what they are looking for. They are skimming to quickly determine if you can solve the problem they’re facing. 

When choosing a place to film, think about where and how your products will be used. Instead of shooting on a light table or on a sound stage or in a studio, imagine real-life settings that show off the products or services in their natural environment.

4. Marketing Your Video

The most engaging video in the world is nothing without it’s viewers.

When contemplating marketing options, consider social media outlets, television, your company website or potential partners that can facilitate distribution. Think about where your customers spend most of their time, and go there.

Each medium may have specific requirements and benefits, so we often create slight variations of the original production to maximize its effectiveness across all channels, the most valuable being your website and landing pages.

5. Be Strategic

With video editing tools becoming more commonplace, you have probably thought, “It can’t be that complicated. Why don’t we do this in-house?” While there are definite benefits to calling on your team’s existing talents, the potential gain from a well produced video is exponential. If your budget is limited, compare yourself to your competitors. Are they investing in video, or can you afford to produce a more average video and still rise above?

When you produce a professional video, all that’s needed is the passion for your business in front of camera and the production team takes care of the rest.

The best part of making a company video is that you control the narrative on your business and easily draw in new customers who may be unfamiliar to your brand and products.

We encourage you to think carefully about how much this impression is worth to your company and plan accordingly.

With these five steps, you have the tools and information you need to create your next, or maybe your first, company video.

Chat with us to determine how we can help make your next company video a succes!